Unlike other manufacturers, Down Home Dexterities is transparent with all of the materials that we use, because we are confident that they are far superior to other producers. All of our outdoor furniture is built with the highest quality lumber and hardware. Coated exterior decking screws, as well as stainless steel bolts, nuts, and washers, are used to fasten our products. Be wary of cheap hardware that will rust in the elements. The rust will stain the lumber or break the metal entirely. We currently offer two varieties of wood, and each serves a unique purpose.

Treated Southern Yellow Pine- We use 1" boards along with 2x6 treated wood for any of our natural pine products. You will be hard pressed to find another manufacturer that uses such thick materials. Most opt for thinner lumber to reduce shipping and handling costs. Treated wood is made for weathering in the elements with little maintenance. The wood will weather to grey over time and can be painted or stained when the drying process is complete.

Eastern Cedar- Eastern Cedar is known for its beautiful patterns and natural weather resistant properties. All Eastern Cedar products are made with 1" thick boards with no 2x6 due to the rarity of the wood. Tung oil or polyurethane is recommended to preserve the natural white and red color, but some customers prefer to let the wood weather to a patina grey.

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