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DHD Economics

What is the theory that drives us here at Down Home Dexterities?

We hold firm the belief that is is the duty of any manufacturer to be able to produce any given product at the lowest possible cost. There is something to be said about the business that can harmonize the chaos of a shop into a fluid machine that flawlessly delivers desirable goods at market price. Not only this, but that same business should be able to provide its service while also providing for it's employees. We believe that while all problems may not originate in the shop, they can most definitely be solved in the shop. Periods of struggle are when the most innovative ideas are born. When times get tough, most employers take the easy way out and see employee wages ripe for the picking. This route requires no critical thinking and will undoubtedly lead to long term failure.

Another common mistakes failing businesses make is holding on to the false hope that injection of capital will be able to fix a broken system. It would almost be as if they believe that money itself is some kind of "cure all" drug. Injection of capital is the equivalent of a monetary band-aid and only delays the inevitable.

Unfortunately, we live in a time where greed is at an all time high and people are earning far more than the amount of service they are providing. The fundamental basis of American capitalism is that a mans earnings should be directly proportional to the amount of service he gives back to society. For the most part, this holds true, but there are a few exceptions, and I believe there will be a correction.

Down Home Dexterities is not a money first business. It is our mission to get our products to anyone that desires them. We are service driven, and believe that if we hold these basic economic values, our mission will succeed

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