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DHD- End of Summer Update

We all knew that starting a business would be full of surprises, but Summer 2020 was crazier than we could ever imagine. First off, we can't describe how grateful we are for all of our customers that have gotten us to the point we are at today. We just surpassed 800 customers for the year, which exceeded all expectations. It encourages us to keep going when we see positive feedback and it means a lot to see that our message resonates with people. We are just trying to provide high-quality product at great prices in the most personable way that we know how.

Between COVID uncertainty, sky-rocketing lumber prices, and nearly tripling our staff, we have dealt with fair set of challenges. If you told me it was possible for lumber to increase nearly 250% in less than a span of three months, I would have thought you were crazy. Supply chain gaps coupled with a surge in homeowner spending has led a perfect storm for serious price fluctuations. While a significant raw material increase is never ideal, I would rather go ahead and have that under our belt in year one, because it ultimately makes us a better business. There is nothing that this world need more than people and businesses that are problem solvers and I will happily take as much experience as I can get. I am happy to say that we have only increased our prices an average of 30% from where we were at in March, which shows how far our processes have come.

Like I previously mentioned, we have added eight new employees since the spring. Everyone here at DHD is committed to building something that is valuable to our community, which keeps our energy up even on days where it would be easier to drag around. There are few things that build camaraderie like hard-work as a team. When everyone comes together in a shop to reach a set goal, it is like magic. We will more than likely be publishing bios for our employees to provide our customers with a sort of "behind the scenes" look into Down Home Dexterities.

It is extremely rewarding to own a business that affects so many people. As we head into the cooler months, we will be coming out with new indoor products and focus on growth heading into next year. While we have came a long way in a relatively short period of time, I still see a lot of room for improvement. As always, we will go above and beyond for our customers and stay committed to providing the best service at the lowest price possible.

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