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Entrepreneurship in 2020: A Fake Culture

What is an entrepreneur? By definition, an entrepreneur is someone who organizes a business and takes greater than normal financial risks in doing so. Why are so many young people idolizing the life of an entrepreneur?

Social media and the internet, in general, have allowed people to get

a glimpse into just about anyone's life. Unfortunately, you can only se

e the parts that they want to show you. This has led to the rise of "finance gurus" showing you that with a couple of clicks, you to can own mansions and yachts. T

hese people have exploited the greed that is an inherent trait of humans. With extremely deceptive marketing techniques, young people are lured into giant sche

mes with business models that only benefit the fortunate few that joined before the herd arrived. Not only this, but they also sell you on the fact that you can be your very own "boss" or "business owner".

These companies know that everyone loves the idea of being their own boss, and they are willing to let their followers run with it as long as they continue to bring them revenue.

It is no coincidence that most people joining these schemes are young adults. They are capitalizing on a demographic during some of the most uncertain years of their life. Not knowing where their future leads, and no steady source of income, it seems like a no-brainer to join a company that with little to no experience allows you to make thousands and thousands of dollars a year.

It doesn't take long once you come on board before you are pressured to tempt other people your age with the same empty promises. These companies are the equivalent of a black-hole in business. They consume everything around them until there is nothing left. When the revenue streams dry up and the next trend is in, the executives will close up shop and move to the next venture while the rest of the people are left carrying the bag.

I am by no means discouraging entrepreneurship. Down Home Dexterities has by far been the best learning experience of my life. I am discouraging fake entrepreneurship. No person should start a business for the hope of getting rich. People start businesses to serve people. There is nothing more rewarding than to be able to provide a product that you have made to a customer at a fair price, while also providing for your employees. There is no such thing as a successful selfish entrepreneur.

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