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Small Business Manufacturing

Every day, big businesses are trying to create barriers that limit the amount of competition that they can face from small businesses. Without access to cutting-edge technology and vast amounts of capital, how is it possible for a small business to work its way into an established market?

It is pretty obvious that no one is going to be able to open up shop on day one and go toe to toe with some of the most established companies in the United States. While a small business may not have the resources a large company has, it does have the advantage of flexibility. When you are small, decisions can be made instantaneously and changes go into effect almost immediately. This allows the small guys too jump on trends and lean towards custom work.

You have to know where your large counterparts fall short and capitalize. An unimaginable amount of thought goes into the production of the smallest parts today. Products are being made cheaper and faster than ever before. What is going to be the deciding factor that makes a customer go with your product? It is most likely going to cost more than if it came from a factory. A small business does not have the marketing power that it would need to compete from a price point.

You have to be able to find your niche and ride with it. For example, here at Down Home Dexteritites, we emphasize customer experience. The customer experience is something that every small business can take advantage of. For the most part, large companies are not able to provide a personal atmosphere for there customers. They direct all customer service to third-party oversees organizations.

When it comes down to it, you have to be vigilant in the shop. Sloppiness and lack of organization have no place in a growing firm. You have to be extremely ingenuitive with the way you conduct your operations. Every penny counts, so you have to have a keen eye for waste and remove it from your process as fast as possible.

At a glance, it may seem impossible to compete with large scale manufacturing, but it just takes creativity. If there is one thing that this world is always in shortage of, it's thinkers. Thinking drains a huge amount of energy, so that is why few people use all of their thought potential. Remember, you are competing against some of the smartest people in the world, therefore, you need every edge that you can get.

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