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Our side tables are perfect to complement your outdoor furniture set. 


Finish Options

We offer a wide array of color options to fit almost any outdoor setting. If you have any specific questions regarding the finish, please contact us. 


Premium Finishes: Teak, Walnut, Mahogany, Pecan, and Cedar are our most durable finishes. We use an acrylic log cabin stain/sealer that comes with a 4-year manufacturer warranty. These stains come with a built-in semi-gloss finish, so a clear coat is not necessary. 


Basic Finishes: Chestnut, Butternut, Acacia, Canyon Brown, and Redwood are a Valspar transparent exterior stain/sealer that comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty. These are still great finishes, but they do have a matte appearance. If you are looking for a semi-gloss appearance, it is recommended to add a clear coat or purchase one of our premium finishes. 


Paint: Our painted products are finished with an acrylic latex exterior paint. It is rated for 3-4 years and can easily be refinished if necessary. 


Custom Color Requests: If you are looking for a specific stain or paint to match your area, please reach out and we can make it happen. 


Down Home Dexterities can provide outdoor furniture at virtually unbeatable prices while providing personal customer service on a level that is unheard of in the industry. You can talk to us almost 24/7, and we will be able to provide our expert opinion on any questions that you might have. 

Side Tables

  • Table Top - 20"x20"

    Height - 25"

    Weight ~ 20lbs


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