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Balcony chairs

Bar-Height Deck Chairs 


What is the point of having a deck with a view if you are not able to see over the railing? It is hard to find durable deck furniture that is tall enough to look out with an unobstructed view. Our wooden Bar-Height Deck chairs are made from premium pressure-treated yellow pine. Pressure treated wood contains preservatives that greatly increases the lifespan of outdoor furniture. Unlike 99% of our competitors, DHD secures all of our products with coated decking screws along with polyurethane glue to ensure that the wood will not loosen over time. Comfortable outdoor seating should not be limited to cheap plastic deck chairs which have a tendency to blow away and break during bad weather. Our barstools weigh between 40 and 50lbs making them some of the sturdiest deck chairs on the market. We carry multiple color options so that we can match our chairs in almost any outdoor area. Our Cedar, Mahogany, Teak, Pecan, and Walnut Adirondack Chairs are still made with pressure-treated pine, however they are finished with a 100% acrylic log cabin stain/sealer that provides superior protection to your outdoor furniture. Adding a finish to our Natural Bar Chairs will provide an additional 5 years of protection from the elements. The stain/sealer combo is great at blocking U.V rays that are harmful to exposed wood. It is also a "breathable" finish, meaning that it allows the wood to expand and contract throughout temperature fluctuations. Low quality finishes will trap moisture inside the wood, which will lead to mildew over time. We can also do custom paint colors if our stain options do not match your home. Just click on our Natural Deck Chairs and type your "Custom Paint Color" in the designated field. 


It is not a secret that most bar-height chairs are known to be uncomfortable, however we believe that we have created a truly extraordinary outdoor deck chair. The chairs are great for enjoying a cup of coffee over the sunrise or a glass of wine in the evening. The curved seat along with an angled back perfectly contour to your body creating the perfect seating experience. The backs do not lean too far back which makes them a great choice for outdoor dining as well. We carry a round dining table and a smaller bistro table, but we also take custom requests. If you have a specific size in mind or need some advice for seating accommodations just give us a call. As always, if you find that our deck chairs are not for you, you are more than welcome to return them. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Wooden Outdoor Furniture 

How long should I expect my furniture to last? 

Down Home Dexterities guarantees all of our finished products for a minimum of five years before you will start to see some weathering of the finish. Whether it be our Adirondack Chairs, Porch Swings, Hanging Beds, Deck Chairs, Patio Chairs, or Rocking Chairs, all of our products are secured with the highest quality fasteners so you get the longest lifespan possible. You should not see any structural issues before the five year mark, but we understand that wood can sometimes be unpredictable. DHD sells thousands of Adirondack chairs, so it is inevitable that a slat will break or an arm will crack. When this happens, we are more than happy to send you a replacement part or swap out the product. This is just one of the many benefits of doing business with DHD rather than larger companies who want nothing to do with you after the sale has been made. 

Can I refinish my furniture? 

Absolutely! A benefit of wooden furniture is that is not hard to refinish if you decide that you want to restore the piece to its original beauty. Our stained products will require some light sanding on any surface that you would like to restore. You do not have to strip the previous finish down to bare wood if you are keeping the same color. After sanding, you can apply a water-based clear coat and it will revive the original color. Painted products are usually a little bit more labor intensive and may require sanding down to bare wood in order to achieve the best results. 

Why should I buy wooden outdoor furniture over composite outdoor furniture?

As woodworkers, we hold wood very near and dear to our hearts. We prefer wooden outdoor furniture from an aesthetic standpoint. In todays world, almost everything is plastic. Even if it is "really good plastic", it does not have the same refreshing feel as a real handcrafted wooden piece. Not only this, but the longevity of composite is not that significant in comparison. The original colors will fade over time, and they are much harder to restore. Lastly, and perhaps the most important factor is price. Composite outdoor furniture can cost almost 3 times as much as its wooden counterpart. This can potentially be thousands of dollars over an entire order. With DHD providing a 5 year guarantee, the trade-off is not worth it in our humble opinion. 

How much patio, firepit, or porch space will I need for my furniture?

If you have ever order outdoor furniture from sites like Wayfair or Hayneedle, you know that you can get a product much smaller than anticipated. That is the exact opposite experience you should expect when buying furniture from DHD. Our items are usually larger/more heavy duty than anticipated, so be sure to read all specifications on the individual product pages. If you need our expert opinion, just give us a call!

Steps to Order



1. Customize your furniture by clicking on the image of the product that you are interested in. All of our products are made from Treated Pine and finished with an acrylic log cabin stain/sealer which comes in various different colors.

2. Add the desired items to your cart. Make sure you check out our side-items to complement your set.

3. Proceed to checkout. To make our customers feel as comfortable as possible, DHD does not accept any form of payment until your items are delivered. You will see a dropdown menu with all of the states that we deliver to listed. Please select your state and provide your shipping and contact information. You can also select in-store pickup. 

4. After your order is placed, we will be in touch to schedule an estimated delivery day. We handle all of our deliveries in-house, which means that our employees will hand-deliver your items fully assembled and stage them wherever you'd like. 

5. We will reach out, a few days in advance to confirm a delivery day. If you have any questions during this period or want an update, do not hesitate to give us a call!

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