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The Many Attractions of Adirondack Chairs

Among the countless styles of exterior home décor, the Adirondack chair is undeniably one of the most popular types of chairs made of wood. An Adirondack chair offers the perfect blend of style and comfort. Their popularity extends all the way back to the early 1900s, thanks to their basic simplicity and rustic comfort.

Down Home Dexterities specializes in hand-crafted, wooden, upscale Adirondack chairs, picnic tables, porch swings, hanging beds, accessories and complimentary items. And though we're based in the north Georgia town of Ellijay, we deliver to 13 states along the East Coast. We handle all deliveries ourselves, and our products arrive at your home completely assembled. No payment is accepted until your items are delivered.

Adirondack chairs were designed in-no big surprise here-the Adirondack Mountains, which are in New York State. The seat and back were made with a 25- to 35-degree back slope to accommodate the mountains' uneven terrain, angles that create a more balanced and stable seat. If you're looking to invest in new seating for an outdoor living space, there's no better choice than the Adirondack chair. Meanwhile, most of Adirondack chairs manufactured today feature an adjustable back, so you can easily adjust the chair to a flat surface.

The Adirondack chair's unique design offers several other significant benefits. When you lean back at an angle, it spreads your weight evenly throughout your back and upper legs. This position is much more comfortable than sitting totally upright, which places all of your weight on your derrière and lower back.

Another advantage of this type of chair is their ease of care. All it takes is a wash with a mild soap and water. Follow up with a rinse of clear water to eliminate any soap residue.

Down Home Dexterities offers excellent customer service and outstanding products at competitive prices. Contact us at 706-705-9589 or Or, fill out the contact form on our website. Also, visit us on Facebook, Pinterst and Instagram.

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